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2014 Annual Meeting - Summary

You can download a copy of the agenda for the meeting here


  • Bob Hofman: Brief overview of the first 40 years of the Commission, highlighting activities as well as shortfalls
    • Download a list of Bob's s references here.
  • Doug DeMaster: Looking forward: How can the Commission ensure continued effectiveness in the next few decades, in the face of new challenges?

Agency Leadership Roundtable

  • Don Schregardus: Department of the Navy perspectives on the Marine Mammal Protection Act
  • Steven Tucker: U.S. Coast Guard Living Marine Resources

Theme 1: Understanding and managing the impacts of climate change and increased human activities

  • Download a summary of Theme 1 here.
  • Sue Moore: Marine mammals and climate change with brief readout of IWC Arctic meeting
  • Jim Kendall: Current outlook for oil and gas development and environmental studies in the U.S. Arctic
  • Vera Metcalf: Arctic Marine Mammal Coalition efforts on Arctic shipping

Marine mammal science and conservation: an economist's perspective

Theme 2: Offshore energy development

  • Download a summary of Theme 2 here.
  • Bill Brown: Offshore energy development
  • Sharon Young: Questioning the quest
  • Michael Macrander: Industry sponsored programs and collaborations
  • Jolie Harrison: Partnerships to better understand and address the impacts of offshore energy development on marine mammals and ecosystems
  • Gary Isaksen: Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Program and other projects
  • Jocelyn Brown-Saracino: International ocean renewable energy environmental information sharing partnerships

Theme 3: Marine mammal strandings - Maximizing their value for understanding ocean health, wildlife health, and connections to human health

  • Download a summary of Theme 3 here.
  • Stephanie Venn-Watson: Overview of the stranding network, data obtained from strandings, and plans to integrate stranding data with the Integrated Ocean Observing System
  • Paul Slota: Integration of marine mammal health data into the Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership-event reporting system
  • Paul Sandifer: Oceans and human health: Through a marine mammal lens

Theme 4: Marine mammal bycatch in U.S. and global fisheries

  • Download a summary of Theme 4 here.
  • Andy Read: Overview of major bycatch problems in global fisheries, including U.S. fisheries
  • Nina Young: Role of the United States as a major seafood market in ensuring that U.S. imports do not become a driver for marine mammal bycatch problems
  • Liz English: Progress at the multinational level in addressing marine mammal bycatch assessment and developing management measures
  • Susan Jackson: Bottom-up solutions from the seafood industry - Examples of industry- and market-driven efforts to monitor and reduce bycatch, including ISSF's role in testing alternative observing systems

Theme 5: Issues associated with increasing marine mammal stocks

  • Download a summary of Theme 5 here.
  • Mike Runge: What is Optimum Sustainable Population (OSP)? How is it determined? What measure of carrying capacity should be used?
  • Don Baur: Management options for populations at OSP and consideration of other statutory provisions, including non-lethal deterrence of marine mammals, whether or not at OSP
  • Gordon Waring: Status and management issues regarding gray seals in New England, including potential conflicts and research needed to resolve uncertainties

Capitol Hill: Priorities for marine mammal science and conservation

  • Daryl Boness: Brief overview of the Commission's Strategic Plan, the Commission's Priorities Report for NMFS, and outcomes from the Annual Meeting discussions
  • Lisa Ballance: Marine Mammal Science and Management Priorities

Capitol Hill: New developments in marine mammal research and conservation

  • Jason Gedamke: Partnerships for advanced research
  • Christopher Clark: Using technology to build knowledge for management and science: Acoustics and telemetry
  • Michael Weise: Exploring the frontiers of knowledge of marine mammals






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