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Commission Review, Drake's Estero - The PowerPoint Presentations

1. Point Reyes National Seashore
(Don Neubacher, 2-21-10, pdf, 17.4 MB)

2. Harbor Seals and Their Use of Drakes Estero
(Sarah Allen, 2-21-10, pdf, 15 MB)

3. SFAN I & M Program Harbor Seal Monitoring
(David Press, 2-21-10, pdf, 29MB)

4. Spatial use of Drakes Estero, California
(Ben Becker, 2-21-10, pdf, 7 MB)

5. Marine Mammal Commission Protecting Marine Mammals in Drakes Estero
(Corey Goodman, 2-21-10, pdf file, 82 MB)

6. Understanding the potential impacts of disturbance on harbor seals
(Paul Thompson, 2-21-10, pdf, 4 MB)

7. Aquaculture in Drakes Estero Kevin Lunny Drakes Bay Oyster Farm
(Kevin Lunny, 2-21-10, pdf, 5 MB)

8. Drakes Estero Mariculture Production History and Management
(Kirsten Ramey, 2-21-10, pdf, 163 kb)

9. Drake's Estero Aquaculture and Seal Habitat
(Neal Desai, 2-21-10, pdf, 713 kb)


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