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Commission Review, Drakes Estero

Please find below the Marine Mammal Commission's report on "Mariculture and Harbor seals in Drakes Estero, California" and related materials.

Report (pdf, 2.4 mb)

Appendix A. Terms of reference for the 21-24 February 2010 meeting (pdf, 378kb)

Appendix B. Agenda and participants for the 21-24 February 2010 meeting (pdf, 206 kb)

Appendix C. Maximum counts of harbor seals at Drakes Estero haulout sites (pdf, 443 kb)

Appendix D. Photograph logs from 2008 and 2009 (pdf, 2 mb)

Appendix E. Observations made during camera maintenance (pdf, 498 kb)

Appendix F. Panel membersí reports (pdf, 1.8 mb)

Appendix G. Aerial images used to assess mariculture acreage in Becker et al. (2011) (pdf, 32 mb)

Appendix H. Additional aerial photographs (pdf, 2.4 mb)

Appendix I. California Department of Public Health records (pdf, 3.3 mb)

Appendix J. Emails regarding meeting on mariculture effort (pdf, 41 kb)

Appendix K. Goodman analysis of Becker et al. (2011) (pdf, 24 mb)

Appendix L. Richard analysis of Becker et al. (2011) (pdf, 338 kb)

Appendix M. Harwood analysis of Becker et al. (2011) (pdf, 583 kb)


More Information

Presentations at February 2010 meeting

Background documents








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