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Legislation - The Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

The Coastal Zone Management Act provides for management of the nation's coastal resources, including the Great Lakes, and balances economic development with environmental conservation.

Download a complete copy (pdf, 172kb) of the CZMA or browse the individual sections below.


Sec. 302. Congressional findings
Sec. 303. Congressional declaration of policy
Sec. 304. Definitions
Sec. 305. Management program development grants
Sec. 306. Administrative grants
Sec. 306A. Coastal resource improvement program
16 U.S.C. § 1455b. Protecting coastal waters
Sec. 307. Coordination and cooperation
Sec. 308. Coastal Zone Management Fund
Sec. 309. Coastal Zone Enhancement Grants
Sec. 310. Technical assistance
Sec. 311. Public hearings
Sec. 312. Review of performance
Sec. 313. Records and audit
Sec. 314. Walter B. Jones Excellence in Coastal Zone Management Awards
Sec. 315. National Estuarine Research Reserve System
Sec. 316. Coastal Zone Management Reports
Sec. 317. Rules and Regulations
Sec. 318. Authorization of appropriations
Sec. 319. Appeals to the Secretary



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